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Thursday, January 06, 2005

If At First You Don't Succeed, Keep Making The Same Mistake

I have just encountered the following news story:

Dems Ask McAuliffe to Remain Party Chair

Jan 6, 4:10 AM (ET)By WILL LESTER

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senior Democrats are trying to persuade national Chairman Terry McAuliffe to continue his service as party chairman, especially if none of the current candidates gains momentum in the race to replace him.

About a half-dozen candidates are in the race and a couple of others are considering a run for the position. It will be filled in February at the Democratic National Committee's winter meetings. McAuliffe met privately Wednesday with several Democratic senators on Capitol Hill, and was asked again to consider serving for another year or two, Democrats say.

McAuliffe's response was not immediately known, but he has been cool to such overtures in the past. Democratic senators reportedly at the meeting included Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Charles Schumer of New York.

"Terry McAuliffe has been a great chair and he could continue that," Schumer said.

Sigh. Here we go again. The Democratic Party has now lost three elections by turning its back on the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, fielding mush-brained and incoherent candidates who cannot speak plainly and directly to the people of this country with convictions and confidence, and presenting themselves as "centrists" with no coherent or defensible policy alternatives to the Republican Party.

Moreover, the national Democratic Party under Terry McAuliffe has completely neglected mending any political fences or seriously supporting any Democratic candidate for any political office OUTSIDE of Washington, leaving those of us in the boonies completely naked to Republican gerrymandering of voting districts.

Have they "risen to their level of incompetence"? I think so.

Until characters like Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, and Joe Lieberman finally get it through their heads that the point of politics is articulating real policy and not just winning elections to wheel and deal in Washington, that all politics are local and that local politics matter the most when building a party for the future, and that we lost all the elections of the 21st century because we did not nominate people who could talk plainly, make sense, and articulate clear convictions instead of empty platitudes, we will continue to be a "minority" party.

And this not because the American people reject our views, but because we, as a party, have no serious views to present.


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