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I have returned from darkness and quiet. I used to style myself as "Joe Claus", Santa Claus’ younger brother because that is what I still look like. I wrote my heart out about liberal politics until June of 2006, when all that could be said had been said. I wrote until I could write no more and I wrote what I best liked to read when I was young and hopeful: the short familiar essays in Engish and American periodicals of 50 to 100 years ago. The archetype of them were those of G.K. Chesterton, written in newspapers and gathered into numerous small books. I am ready to write them again. I am ready to write about life as seen by the impoverished, by the mentally ill, by the thirty years and more of American Buddhist converts, and by the sharp eyed people [so few now in number] with the watcher's disease, the people who watch and watch and watch. I am all of these.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

But Keep Your Tongue Firmly In Your Cheek

Things have just gone too far! Dissent has stepped over the line into treason! We must stop it!

First there was Cindy Sheehan, then John Murtha, and now this! We know there are too many open sympathizers of these scoundrely renegades in certain states, all too willing to treat the wanted fugitives to an extra large latte and slip them a little cash when they happen upon them.

We can even guess where the dastardly duo might be holed up. An Underground Railroad already exist in the pockets of the country where NONE DARE CALL THIS TREASON, passing them along from house to house, tucked away in secret rooms--trapdoors under the dining room table, false walls in closets, secret compartments inside CPU boxes next to the Motherboard. But be put on notice, sympathizers of renegades, WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

The resistance to the ROVE act has been flagrant in these places, where the security and safety of this great land has been constantly undermined by calls for "liberty and justice for all", "due process of law", "equal protection of the law", "respect for facts and science", and "government in the Public Interest".

Are they satisfied? They have brought us down to THIS:

A heinous example of disrespect and lese majeste. But it goes even further than this. In certain of these foul pockets there is an open defiance of public safety, public order, the legitimate predation of the poor, and the necessary impoverishment of the middle class which has made this country great since the permanent election of Reagan, Bush, Bush, & Co. a quarter of a century ago.

And THIS is what these degenerates have stooped to:

Can anything be more corrupt? A "red white and blue" alert instead of an Amber alert? What will they not perpetuate? This is a deliberate mockery of the patriotic "ordinary American" who makes this country great--as well as the news, radio, and entertainment that he chooses to lighten his cares.

All right thinking people must band together to apprehend these perpetrators and those who would harbor them. If there is a Starbuck's Coffee Shop in your neighborhood, monitor it carefully. Watch who goes in and who comes out. If you see anything suspicious in your local public library, report it immediately, so action can be taken under the Patriot Act. Set up block watches to keep track of things like art gallery wine-and-cheese openings, expensive craft fairs, public University lectures, and local bed-and-breakfasts.

Be Alert! Your country needs you! Now!