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Sunday, October 10, 2004

On Being My Brother's Keeper

First, let's put the request, from my good friend and constant reader Chuck Pelto on the table:

"In the last 12 hours, we've had reports of two such incidents. Oddly enough, it seems that Republican facilities have been the targets of such activities. I've been waiting for someone in the Democratic hierarchy to decry this sort of behavior. However, not even Edwards, with his golden opportunity this evening, to put a stop to this, said anything about such conduct."


"We've seen what has been called a 'culture war' brewing for the last 20 years. And it could well boil over to a real war unless certain people start saying doing what has happened in the last 36 hours in Knoxville, Orlando and Milwaukee is wrong and they won't stand for it. That's people like Kerry, Edwards, Pelosi, etc., etc., etc....

"You're a liberal. Do something with those people who claim the same appellation."

Do what exactly?

Condemn the perpetrators? I certainly do. And I see no reason why ANY of the candidates, Republican or Democratic, wouldn't, if they could fit it into their busy debate schedules among issues of more moment such as War, Terrorism, Homeland Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction (present, absent, or potential), building Islamic Democracy, repairing our goodwill around the world, and other big-ticket items.

Apprehend the perpetrators? Far beyond my capacities, I'm afraid, as a fat middle-aged man who carries a cane. I know Chuck tries to be more sprightly, as befits a former soldier, but he, too, is far away from the crimes and unlikely to be of very much help.

Support the activities of police and prosecutors with paying taxes, do civic duty reporting instances of crime, and serve on juries? I'm sure both Chuck and I stand ready to do all three, though I am, perhaps, a little less inclined to complain about the weight and necessity of the taxes, since I believe in proactive as well as reactive government.

Perhaps we need John Ashcroft and the Feds on the case, though their batting averages have been running a little low since we expanded their investigative powers and set them to work snooping on Muslims.

In any event, the principle is the same in all instances. The activities are illegal, the perpetrators should be apprehended, given a fair trial with due process of law, affording us all the equal protection of the law. The same principles I articulated in my last post, though Chuck was a little too busy being fixated on some instances of scabrous political hooliganism to pay them much mind.

The principles ARE the solution, which is why I cleave to them. They define the best redaction of the just social contract the world has ever seen and, when applied, are far more effective than any lacrymorse breast beating over the "outrageousness" of the crimes.

"Let justice be done." Four of the most powerful words I know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joseph - Off-topic: I'm honored that you blogrolled me, and I appreciate your comments on my blog. We don't see eye to eye on certain matters, but I want my blog to be a place where folks can at least discuss things civilly.

--La Shawn

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO: Joseph Marshall
RE: Thanks....

...for addressing this.

As you may, or may not have noticed, things are 'picking up'.

First off, more incidents, fortunately not involving gun-play, have occured.

Secondly, in light of last weeks victory of the John Howard administration in Australia, some people have taken to spray-painting threats of bodily harm, i.e., shooting, Howard supporters on the sides of buildings.

Someone Wants to Kill the [Australian] Liberal VotersI suspect we could see such action here if Bush wins re-election. After all, with Australia's 'gun laws', they have fewer weapons at their disposal.

RE: Do What?

"Do what exactly?

Condemn the perpetrators? I certainly do." -- Joseph Marshall

Good on ya, mate! Keep it up.

However, with regards to the title of this thread, "My Brother's Keeper", what is the reference you are citing?

I'm familiar with the phrase, from Genesis. Cain replies to God when God asks him, "Where is your brother, Abel?"

Cain replies, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Knowing all the while he had just murdered him and hidden the body. Bad karma, neh?

Cain is trying to throw God off the 'track' in this little bit of deception. The question here is, are you trying to do the same?

RE: What Can I Do?

From my perspective, I'm doing what I can do, calling on the liberals to do their part in stopping this before someone REALLY get's seriously hurt, or even killed. I'm exhorting the liberals to do that.

Don't you think that liberals, albeit misguided, would listen to liberals in such matters more than they would listen to the likes of me? After all, I've a vested interest in this. I'm their target. Naturally, I'd cry out for stopping of this.

The people doing this would more likely stay their hand if one of their own was calling on them to stop.

RE: Apprehensions on Apprehending

"Apprehend the perpetrators? Far beyond my capacities, I'm afraid, as a fat middle-aged man who carries a cane." -- Joseph Marshall

Is that a sword-cane? Or a war-hammer topped one?

Then again, if you witness such activities, report them appropriately and truthfully.

Furthermore, counsel others to do the same. It's a slippery slope, especially once there is blood on it. And, as we all know, blood begets more blood. Vicious cycle sort of stuff. Not good. Very much bad karma being spread around in that scenario.

RE: Just Four Words

""Let justice be done." Four of the most powerful words I know." -- Joseph Marshall

True. However, there are other words, more powerful...

...An ounce of prevention is worth a pound(ing) of cure.

But, for the most part, for now, just speak out against this violence. That's a good start.



4:14 PM  

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