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Monday, February 21, 2005

Yes, Virginia, Torture is Wrong

We bloggers are beginning to preen ourselves on being the real newshounds, covering what the "mainstream media" can't or won't. But, if I may say so, our Achilles heel is that we are constantly gabbing to each other about whatever the latest sensation in our world consists of and not digging deeper into fundamental issues.

When someone does, and does so with considerable moral courage, I think they should be recognized. Sebastian Holsclaw and Will over at Wills4223, on the right and the left respectively, have each placed two major posts on American torture (here,here, here, and here) that should, but, of course, won't, be required reading and thinking for any American.

I particularly salute Mr. Holsclaw, since the proponents of torture share the same views as he does on many other subjects, it is always easy to turn a blind eye in such cases, and it requires both intellectual and moral courage not to.



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