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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another Principled American Speaks Out

His name is John Cole, his blog is Balloon Juice, he is a conservative, and this is what he has to say about torture and murder:

Put aside the demagoguery, the denial, and the smears. Put aside the wishful thinking, the demonization of the media, and the claims that anyone who is outraged by this abuse is un-American, anti-military, hyperventilating over nothing, or out to get the President (which I am decidedly not).....

Why is it that few, if any, members of the Republican party have called for congressional investigations?....We have time for investigating the use of steroids in professional sports, seemingly endless debates about Senate filibusters, and a whole bevy of unimportant issues, but when it comes to torture, the prevailing attitude is 'Let's just pretend nothing happened and villify anyone who refuses to go along.'

If some have their way, a full accounting of the nefarious misdeeds of a few won't happen, because that would require that we accept blame for what has been done in our name, and that might require a level of candor and responsibility that many do not seem to possess. That would require an honest and open debate, a full documentation of events, and accountability.

Welcome to my blogroll Mr. Cole. Nice to have you here.


Blogger Dave Schuler said...

Yes, John Cole is good. I see him as a Republican slouching toward the center.

9:36 AM  
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