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Friday, June 17, 2005

And To The Republic For Which It Stands

My favorite conservative blogger, The Anchoress, has sprung to the defense, as have most conservative bloggers, of the Guantanamo Prison Camp. They seem to think that torture is somehow not torture if it is wrapped in the American Flag. I personally think that to wrap torture in it sullies that flag.

As a country, we are foresworn. We have signed an agreement to abandon torture, the International Convention On Torture, and we have broken it.

Too bad.

Whether we lead the world by our force of arms or not, we can no longer claim to lead it morally. That claim is dead.

Too bad.

I don't have much more to say about this issue than I have already said. And reading the causuitry for torture disgusts me.

So I have been remiss and not looked anywhere among the apologists for Gitmo to see if there is one word about American Lynching, which was also in the news this week. I know that I would probably find nothing about it, or next to nothing, but a man such a myself, committed to starting arguments from the facts, should at least look. But I really no longer care.

I no longer have the heart for it. The update on the Anchoress' site showing the I love Gitmo t-shirt cut it right out of me. After something like that, what's the point?

I'll leave the issue here with one final remark. Every thought is a seed planted in your future. I have no hesitation that what I have said and thought about torture in this blog, or on the comment pages of other blogs, are good seeds that will benefit my future.

I have done my best to encourage others to plant good seeds as well.