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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's The Matter With Ohio, Part II--It Saves Us Money So Just Let Them Die.

The following came in my e-mail yesterday from the local organizer of my Democracy For America Meet-Up:

The budget recently passed by the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate eliminates Medicaid coverage for 25,000 working parents with incomes between 90-100% of the Federal Poverty Level. Simply put, a single mom with two kids will lose her health coverage if her yearly income goes above $14,481, instead of $16,090).

The same budget will eliminate Disability Medical Assistance (DMA), a state program currently providing prescription drugs and medical services to 15,000 indigent adults who are dependent on prescription medicines to remain alive. That’s 40,000 people who are losing coverage.

Senate leaders assured us that they are concerned about these cuts, but that don’t have the money ($85 million over the biennium). But, instead of restoring these vital programs, the Senate made a variety of tax cuts totalling $259 million.

This is just in case you thought that the Republican government of the great state of Ohio was only adept at losing millions of dollars to bad coin investments with a corrupt influence peddler and Republican political bag man. The amount the state flushed away with him may be as much as a thousand times greater than the maximum income of a single mother with two children under this new Medicaid standard. And, quite possibly, as much as $100,000 from it was laundered into the 2004 Republican Presidential Campaign.

As I have remarked below, I personally am mentally ill and medication dependent. Since I am capable of part-time work, I haven't pursued full disability with any vigor. As far as Medicaid is concerned, it doesn't look like I would have needed to have bothered.

Due to a mix-up yesterday, I forgot to take my medications before I went in to work. By the end of an eight-hour, unmedicated, day every lurid detail of an unseasonable 90 degree late spring day burned like a wildfire in my brain as I sat in front of the Ohio Statehouse waiting for my bus. I know what people on DMA are facing, particularly on the mental health side, and it isn't pretty.

I can also make an educated guess how many of the mentally ill will now actually be decorating the streets of Columbus, Ohio--wandering, homeless, unmedicated, and delusional.

I have written below how the scabrous influence peddler, Tom Noe, routinely treated the staff of Governor Taft's office to hundreds of dollars worth of dinners at one of the finest restraunts in my town.

Such people are beneath contempt.


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